Dagens vedvarende tanke / Today’s persistent thought

3. oktober 2021: The ancient myths are like a language we cannot understand without first learning the meaning of its most important words: The names of the gods.

Orpheus Leading Eurydice out of Hades, by Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot. Image credit: Creative Commons

22. september 2021: Those who fear dying due to an excessive love of themselves and the world shall indeed lose their lives; the present one in slavery to their lower selves and the tyrannical masters they deserve, and the life to come because they are rightly destined for damnation, but those who have the courage to let go of everything worldly, if that be required of them, and who fear only the Lord, shall gain both this life and the next, for they shall live and die in this life in freedom and with dignity, regardless of what despots do to their bodies, and they shall have won eternal joy in Heaven, in the habitation I, their Rightful King, have prepared for them, when they depart.

Paraphrase of the words of Christ, as quoted in the Gospels

The amazing sculpture of the Lord, Jesus Christ, by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Image credit: Creative Commons.

Is this the head of one of the foremost philosophers
of all time? Bronze bust, a copy of an ancient original
assumed to depict Plato. Dear Plato, a new Platonic
academy, in accordance with your sprit, shall rise
again from the ashes of Corruption, boldly shaking
off the shackles of Modernity, and rendering it Null
and Void.

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